The marble trend

Hey guys, I’m back!

Marble is in this season, and not just for nails. It’s all over dinnerware, notebooks, cheese plates, couch cushions and more. One only has to breeze through Kmart (fave store!) to see the influence that marble has been having on design.

And who can blame them? It’s sleek, modern, versatile. It has the air of elegance while it’s monochromatic nature makes it a beautiful base for accent colours. Metallics such as gold or copper are perfect accompaniments.

Surprisingly, marble nails are very easy to do. I checked out a few YouTube channels whom combine glad/Saran wrap + water spotting techniques to achieve this look. For beginners I recommend Cutepolish’s marble nails video.


The results are subtle hints of grey and white contrasting with the flash of the gold studs.

I can’t wait to improve on this technique in the future and to continue with my marble obsession. Laptop cover, phone case, and now nails… no one stop me! 😍

Polishes used:

Sinful Colors ‘Snow Me White’, NYX Girls ‘Perfect Gray’ and studs from Born Pretty Store.

Til next time! x



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