The Monthly Nail – Eugene Malibu review


Hay guys! I know I’ve been gone for a while but uni got in the way again, sigh. I’ll hopefully be posting intermittently until I have time for more regular posts again.

A while ago I was contacted to review The Monthly Nail international subscription box which was very exciting. According to the website, the system works basically like:

  1. Choose a ‘monthly nail level’ that suits your budget and style.
  2. Customise the box every month through designing your own indie polish colours as well as choose to include OPI and Essie.
  3. Enjoy!

In all, depending on what you choose you will receive about 2-4 polishes every month for a cost of about $15.99-$23.99 (not including shipping for international customers, although shipping is free within the US). For more info, check out their FAQ’s.

Now onto the fun stuff.

I was sent 2 polishes from their exclusive indie brand Eugene Malibu.

Electric Zoo* is a blue shimmer packed with iridescent blue flakies. There is a purplish duochrome that’s visible in the bottle but sadly that doesn’t translate to the nail. I found the formula watery but somehow gluggy and stringy which made it difficult to apply. Kind of like applying PVA glue. It was a little sheer but built up to opacity in 3 coats. Make sure each previous coat is dry however, otherwise you’ll be dragging up the bottom layers.


Sweet Life* was wayy better to use. An adorable, delicate glitter topper, I can see people wearing/using this for baby showers! It’s made up of satin white stars and blue dots with a smattering of holo squares and smaller glitter, as well as blue flakies in a clear base. I used one easy coat over Essence Give Me Nude, Baby!. The stars and dots needed some fishing but nothing too hard.


eugenemalibu3For more information on purchasing details, visit my ‘where to buy’ tab.

Til next time! x

* Products provided for review



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