Glam Polish – Bunny Trail collection (limited edition!)

Hi guysss!

I’m back with another superb, adorable, fantastical collection by Glam Polish that get’s 1000 thumbs up by be because it:

  1. Has dot glitter.
  2. More specifically, pastel dot glitter.
  3. And they’re all pastels!!!!

Man, if there’s one thing I love – even more than neons – is pastels. They’re so versatile, I don’t care what anyone says, I’ll be rocking them in all seasons.

A small disclaimer about the formulas for these polishes: I received them a while back before they were released and they were a sample batch. I found the formula for 4/5 of the coloured-based polishes to be quite patchy and hard to work with, with each subsequent coat never seeming to make the base 100% opaque. I contacted Rachel about this and she assured me she would fix up the formulas before she started batching them up for distribution and sale. I can’t really comment on the changes to the formula and if they’re better, but knowing Rachel, she’s all about quality and I’m sure they have been improved.

All these swatches are topped with 1 coat of Essence Gel-Look top coat and 1 coat of Peita’s Polish Quick! Gloss Me Up!* top coat.

(I had to use my pictures from IG for this post because I haven’t had time to take my proper blog pictures, but when I do, I’ll be making another post for this collection)

Bunny Love*, a baby pink crelly base with pastel pink dot and small gold glitter and pink flakes. 3 coats.



Lil’ Chickadee* has darker peach dot glitter and flakes in an orangey-peach crelly base. 3 coats.


Spring has Sprung* has pale yellow dots glitters in a pastel green crelly base. 3 coats.


For Peep’s Sake* has blue dot glitters and flakies in a white/light blue base. 3 coats.


It’s a Good Hare Day* is my favourite from this collection!! And no surprise because it’s a pastel purple. 3 coats.


Last up is the odd one out in the collection, but a perfect addition to the group – a pastel dot glitter topper with a fab formula. I used this for the accent nail in all my previous swatches (simply glitter placement over white using a small dotting tool) and I think it’s one of my new favourite glitter toppers because how adorable are pastel dots?!?!! I can’t. It’s just too cute. I used 2 coats over Glitter Gal White Pointer* for this swatch. The gradient nails are done with Lime Crime Parfait Day, Sinful Colors Unicorn and Essence That’s What I Mint!.

ImageThis collection is available now, click here to visit the store.

For more info on where to purchase this brand (internationally etc), visit my Where to Buy tab.

Loving this collection so far? Drop me a comment on which is your fave!

Til next time! x

* Products provided for review



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