Glam Polish – Supernatural Collection swatches

supernatural1The second collection by Glam Polish out this February is the Supernatural Collection, a gorgeous group of rich-coloured jellies packed with holo hex glitters in various sizes. There’s so much depth in these polishes, just *drool*.

The formula on all these polishes was top notch; I literally did not need clean up for any of them except to tidy the edges. But no pooling at the cuticles, no runny or overly thin formulas, no fishing for glitter required. All these swatches are topped with 1 coat of Essence Gel-look top coat and are photographed in both a lightbox and artificial light.

Vortex* is described as having “tiny sparkly flakes with a mix of blue & silver holographic glitter in a deep blue jelly base”. It was the only one in the group that I used 3 coats for, but it definitely is opaque at 2 – I just desired more glitter on the nail to add to the depth.



Phenomena* is “tiny sparkly flakes and multiple size of holographic glitter in a burgundy jelly base”. 2 coats needed.



Divinity* is the same glitter mix in a rich eggplant purple base. This is my favourite of the group; it looks so magical and the depth is amazing at only 2 coats.



Spectral* is “tiny sparkly flakes, beautiful shimmer and multiple size of holographic glitter in a blurple jelly base”. 2 coats.


supernatural9And finally Mystic*, a delicious green base with multiple sizes of holographic glitter. Probably my second pick of the collection, this is 2 coats.




The Supernatural Collection is available for preorder now and is officially released on the 27th of February. This collection will be available at international stockists in late March.

For more information on where to purchase this brand, visit my Where To Buy tab.

Til next time! x

* Products provided for review



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