Hollish Polish – Glassfleck-shimmers swatches

Hollish Polish is a new-to-me aussie indie brand from South Australia that is 5-free and tested for a minimum of 8 weeks to ensure quality. These six glassfleck shimmer polishes come from a collection of twelve that will be released February 28th.

The Fuchsia Looks Bright* is a “neon fuchsia pink with bright pink glassfleck shimmer that twinkles with soft blue sparks”. I love bright pinks like this! Perfect for those beachy summer days. The formula was on the thin side but easy to apply in 3 coats plus top coat. No clean up needed!

the fuchsia looks brightToo Much Fake Tangerine* is a “vibrant tangerine orange with peach glassfleck shimmer”. Awesome formula and perfect in 2 coats plus top coat.

too much fake tangerine

Yellow? This is Canary* is a “bright canary yellow with matching glassfleck shimmer”. This polish is on the thin, sheer side and would need a few coats to build up opacity on its own so I recommend layering it over a similar yellow creme. I applied 2 coats over NYC Color ‘Banana Split’ plus top coat.

yellow this is canary

In the Slimelight* is a “bright lime green with matching glassfleck shimmer which reflects gold sparks”. It has a good formula, though also on the thin side. I stopped at 3 coats but it might need 4 if you have longer nails like me due to the VNL.

in the slimelight

I’ll Be Cyan You* is a “electric cyan blue with matching glassfleck shimmer”. I love this one!! I used 3 coats plus top coat but it might need 4 due to VNL.

i'll be cyan youFinally, That Orchid Moment* is a “radiant orchid with magenta pink glassfleck shimmer”. I expected this one to be a lot more brighter than it is but it is the most jelly-like of the group and less visible shimmer. The formula was good but also on the thin side; I used 3 coats plus top coat.

that orchid momentOverall, I’m really liking what I’ve tried from this collection. They’re awesome shades for summer and would be a great asset to any collection. I have yet to try watermarbling with them but fingers crossed they work!!

For more information on where to purchase this brand, visit my Where To Buy tab.

Til next time! x

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