Valentine’s watercolour heart

Valentine’s Day is in 2 days! *Gasp* and the nail art options are just endless combinations of love hearts, roses, XO’s, red and pink, so this is my contribution!

ggal valentines 1

ggal valentines 2To achieve this look, simply start with a plain white base with top coat that has completely dried. Then, with most of the polish wiped off the polish brush, dab a few spots of Glitter Gal Redback* on the white. Using a bigger brush dipped in a tiny bit of polish remover, water-down the red and spread it across the nail. Repeat with Glitter Gal Off Your Rocker* and NYX Girls Pink Note and top it all off with a fast-drying top coat. I used Glitter Gal Gloss Boss* top coat. 

To recreate the heart, cut a heart-shape out of a piece of tape and stick it firmly onto a completely dry white base. Perform the above watercolour steps before removing the tape and applying top coat. Voila!

Hope you guys enjoyed this look. I’ll be showing off a few more looks, including the one I’ll be sporting on the 14th, in coming posts!

Til next time! x

* Products provided for review



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