Glam Polish Dream Days collection swatches & review

Hi guys! Sorry for the short hiatus, I thought I’d have more time to swatch in the holidays but apparently not 😀 Been out enjoying the sunshine instead.

But here’s a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous new collection by Glam Polish that holds a special place in my heart because Rachel, the talented creator of Glam Polish, said she had me in mind when she was mixing them! Wow, I feel so honoured! And boy oh boy this collection contains everything I love about polish; it screams me! And I’m very sure it’ll catch the eye of other dot and pastel lovers out there as well.

The formula for this whole collection was pretty much the same: easy to apply, no obvious problems whatsoever. As with most polishes containing large glitter pieces, some required fishing and glitter placement however this was very easily done. Overall I was very pleased with the quality of the formula for all of them.

All swatches are topped with 1 coat of Essence Gel-look top coat and 1 coat of KBShimmer Clearly on Top.

Beyond Belief* is made up of ‘multiple sizes of fuchsia and neon green hex with small fuchsia dots in a lavender crelly base’. I used 1 coat over Essie To Buy or Not to Buy but it builds up opacity easily on its own in 2 coats.

beyond belief

Interstellar* is described as having “neon pink hex, pastel dots, lavender holo dots, silver holo dots and stars with neon pink & blue micro glitter in a white crelly base”. Fishing required for this one; I forgot to fish the large lavender dots out for this swatch, woops. This is 1 coat over Essie Marshmallow however it can also be built to opacity in 2-3 coats.


Daydreamer* is a “mix of multiple sizes of pastel aqua, lavender and lemon dots and hex in a clear base”. Dabbing would be the best way to apply this polish but I used swipes for this swatch plus a few extra glitter placements in the empty spots. Love the look of it! This is 1 coat over Lime Crime Milky Ways.

day dreamer

Light up the World* involves “metallic emerald hex and dots with multiple sizes of neon pink hex in a pastel neon yellow crelly base”. This was the one polish that didn’t really fit into the pastel theme of the rest of the collection but I quite like it! A unique pop of colour. My camera tried to turn this more green, but it is definitely a yellow base. This is 2 coats on its own.

light up the world

Kaleidoscope Eyes* is described as “a rainbow mix of metallic hex & dots and neon hex in a pastel baby blue crelly base”. This is 2 coats on its own.

kaleidoscope eyes

Sweet Escape* is “multiple sizes of neon blue and metallic purple hex with large ocean holo dots in a pastel pink crelly base”. Fishing is required for the big dots. This is 1 coat over Essie To Buy or Not to Buy.

sweet escape

Another Galaxy* is “multiple sizes of metallic sapphire and matte turquoise hex with matte turquoise stars and large turquoise holo dots in a mint crelly base”. This is 1 coat over Lime Crime Once In A Blue Mousse.

another galaxy

Cloud Atlas* is a beautiful polish, one of my favourites in the collection! It contains pastel dot glitters in a white crelly base. This is 1 coat over Essie Marshmallow but can be built to opacity on its own in 2-3 coats.

cloud atlas

Would You Believe* is my absolute favourite from the collection!! All those dots!!!! Be still my heart! This is 1 coat over Cult Nails Enticing, plus some glitter placement. Fishing is required for the bigger dot glitters.

would you believeThe Dream Days collection is available now! Visit my ‘Where to buy‘ tab for purchasing options.

Til next time! x

* Products provided for review



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