Bella Belle Nail Couture: the Amore Collection

Amore means love in Italian or Latin and it’s such a great name for this collection because I love them all so much! They’re super sparkly which I should note because I found it really hard to capture the true beauty of this collection on camera. I guess you’ll just have to buy them and see for yourself! ;-P

The formulas were much the same so I’ll just describe it here. Application was like butter; I barely needed clean up for any of them and they were all opaque in 2 coats. They do dry quite textured so maybe 2-3 coats of top coat would be needed to make the surface nice and glassy smooth.

First Love* is described as “a burgundy jelly base with a mix of micro holographic burgundy, micro bronze & micro purple glitter”. I found the colour to be more magenta though. My second fave of the collection!

amore1 amore5Crazy in Love* is described as “a red jelly base with a mix of micro red, holographic burgundy, micro copper & bronze glitter”. It is a true bright red and such a sexy colour! I had the most difficulty photographing this polish so trust me, the glitter is much more obvious and prettier irl.

amore4 amore7

Forbidden Love* is described as “a dark purple jelly base with a mix of micro purple, micro lavender & micro holographic burgundy glitter”. It’s such a rich beautiful purple, I almost drooled when I put it on!

amore2 amore6Last up, Eternal Love* is described as “a dark blue jelly base with a mix of micro dark blue, micro light blue, micro silver & micro holographic burgundy glitter”. This is my absolute favourite from the collection! It reminds me a bit of the extremely HTF OPI Absolutely Alice except with a coloured base and reddish glitter instead of gold. So so beautiful.

amore3 amore8For more information on where to purchase this brand, visit my ‘Where to buy‘ tab.

Til next time! x

*Products provided for review




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