Bella Belle Nail Couture – Purple Haze

So ever since I tried Sally Hansen ‘Golden Cinnabar’ and absolutely hated how it looked on me, I thought I was sworn off duo/multi-chrome polishes. I never bought a single one after that.

Then the talented Vicky from Bella Belle sent me this…

Oh my gawd, am I in love!! I can’t even focus on my readings because my nails keep glistening in the light and just forcing me to twist my hands back and forth just to stare at the colour shift! ‘Purple Haze’ shifts from a dark turquoisey-aqua to blue to violet with the colour shift more obvious over darker colours however it can also be worn over lighter ones for a more subtle effect. The formula was great with excellent coverage in one coat.

These photos are 1 coat over black (BYS ‘Matte Black’), with no top coat.

purple haze3 purple haze2 purple haze1It doesn’t look like much in the bottle but phwoar, this is a beauty!

For more information on where to purchase this brand, visit my ‘Where to buy‘ tab.

Til next time! x



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