Glam Polish ft. me! – Go Home Sky, You’re Drunk!

Hi guys!

I have a super special polish to show you today. Rachel, who is the creator and designer of Aussie indie brand Glam Polish, contacted me a few months ago to be a part of a new Instagram-inspired collection and I was so so very honoured to be part of it! We emailed back and forth and I knew I wanted something wearable; delicate but edgy at the same time. My favourite polish colour is pastel purple, so that was a given, and my favourite glitter shape (after dots!) are stars, so that had to be chucked in too. Eventually, we came up with this!Β The formula is a bit thick due to the glitters and the stars required a bit of placement but it’s definitely worth it.

This is 3 coats plus top coat.

go home sky 2

go home sky 3I thought it resembled the night sky, if the sky decided to get all funky, so I went with ‘Go Home Sky, You’re Drunk!’ as the name because 1) I love those memes and 2) it suited the polish well =) Some people on IG suggested that the polish reminded them of Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time and I guess it does resemble her, although it wasn’t my intention! What a happy coincidence lol.

This polish, as well as the other gorgeous creations in the Insta-Glam Collection made in collaboration with other Aussie IGers such as @erinzi, @ohmygoshpolish, @tenlittlenubs, @strawbrie and @nailingaround, go on sale this Saturday, the 6th of July on the Glam Polish website. Internationally, these might be available at Mei Mei’s Signatures soon!

Definitely pick it up if you can!! x



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