Emily de Molly – Oceanic Forces

Hayley from Emily de Molly really kicked off the giant holo dot obsession with her polish ‘Cosmic Forces’ (which I have, and will wear soon!). ‘Oceanic Forces’ is its dark teal blue brother, and is made up of various sizes and shapes of holo glitter. The formula was on the thick side but was ok to apply while the holo dots, as always, needed to be fished for. I’d recommend standing the polish bottle upside down for 10 minutes before using it so the dots are easier to get to. The depth of this polish is incredible though – it’s like staring into a neverending galaxy!.

I used 2 coats plus top coat for this photo.

DSC09611For more information on where to purchase this polish, visit my ‘Where to buy‘ tab.

Til next time! x


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