Lime Crime chevrons + the baking paper method

Chevrons were always big in nail art but I always found them so, so hard to do. Tape never really worked for me and freehand was better but took way too long. Then I discovered the baking paper method! I don’t know where this originated from (if you do, I’d love to know to credit them! Edit: @ohmygoshpolish on IG is who we’re pinpointing so far! – thanks for the info Elissa!) but this method was mostly used to make flower decals or the like. And I wondered if it would work to make an easier chevron and woopdedoo, it did!

Here’s a manicure I did using the baking paper method. Polishes used: All from Lime Crime – ‘Milky Ways’, ‘Peaches<3Cream’ ‘Crema de LimΓ³n’, Once in a Blue Mousse’, ‘Lavendairy’. (Not shown: ‘Parfait Day’ on my thumb)

DSC09482They do look a little 3D, but they’re chevrons nonetheless and they’re pretty easy to do! If you’re interested, I’ll try and explain it step-by-step.

The Baking Paper Method

  1. Paint your base colour on your nails and let it dry completely. Add top coat.
  2. Grab some cheap baking paper (if you don’t know what that is, it’s the non-stick paper you can use to bake cookies etc). Using the polish colour you want for your chevrons, paint a strip straight onto the baking paper. Make sure the strip is wide enough for your nail.
  3. Let it dry completely, or for around 4-5 hours (Edit: Or you could chuck it in the fridge for a faster drying time – Β thanks for the tip @arhammock on IG).
  4. When dry, using normal scissors, cut the strips out.
  5. Then using your zigzag scissors, cut out chevron pieces to whatever thickness you’d like.
  6. At this point, if you’ve let the strips dry properly, you can either use your hands – or I recommend tweezers – to peel the polish layer from the baking paper backing. Voila! You have a chevron decal!
  7. There are multiple methods you could use to get the decal onto your nail but I tend to use just a bit of PVA glue to attach it to my nail.
  8. Cut off any excess with small scissors if the decal is too wide for your nail.
  9. Top coat it. Done!

DSC09484Hope this helps! x


7 thoughts on “Lime Crime chevrons + the baking paper method

  1. As far as I know @ohmygoshpolish on IG created the baking paper method! πŸ™‚ Well someone may have done it before her of course but she’s the one who made it so popular recently hehe.


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