My nails in a magazine? Say what!

Hi guys and gals!

So something amazing happened a couple of weeks ago when a lovely woman named Lucie contacted me through my blog’s facebook page asking if she could feature my water marble nail art in her Czech fashion magazine, with full credit back to my blog. I of course said yes!

I didn’t have any press quality photos at the time; only old pictures from my previous blog, all of which were deleted when I got a new laptop. So I offered to re-do and retake some photos for her, which I’ve already posted about here and here.

It’s not often that such an opportunity arises – especially with newly started blogs like mine – and I’m so grateful that I was given the chance! Lucie, if you’re reading this, thank you so much!

ImageThis is so exciting, I can’t stop grinning! Even though I can’t read a single word of it, this still totally made my day lol!

You can access the magazine website here.

But, I’ll be back to normal nail posts soon.

See you at the next manicure!


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