Nominated: Best Blog Award

Wow, my blog has only been up and running for a couple of months and Elissa from Ten Little Nubs, and Jasmine from Nailed By Jasmine have nominated me for the Best Blog Award! I’m so humbled because these girls have some amazing nails that I always drool after!

The rules for this award is to answer 11 questions then nominate 20 other bloggers with less than 200 followers and ask them 11 of your own questions!

ImageQuestions from Elissa

Where are you from?
I’m from Sydney, Australia!

Do you have any siblings?
Yep, I have one brother who is just over a year older than me. I drive him completely up the wall, as younger sisters should haha.

What made you want to start blogging, and how long have you been blogging?
Loads of encouragement from my friends and a deep love for nail polish were what made me want to start blogging. I wanted to share my passion with the amazing nail community that I could see forming across all the social platforms and having a blog helped that. I think I started blogging (on my old blog) last year? Or the year before? I have no idea actually!

What is your #1 nail tip?
Look after your cuticles!! Healthy cuticles means healthy nails, and never forget it. I’ve never tried any of that cuticle balm/butter/cream stuff that I hear is really good, but moisturise and massaging cream into your cuticles regularly should help. And don’t bite your nails at all!

What is your holy grail top coat?
Cult Nails ‘Wicked Fast’, hands down. I’m running out of my third bottle as we speak! It’s a shame it’s so expensive though; I need to find some other alternatives.

What is your favourite nail design you have ever done?
I don’t think I have a favourite! Lol. Whenever I do nail art, I hate it and always remove it asap. And plain nails are too boring to be a favourite. Am I weird? Haha.

What are your other hobbies or things you do, other than nails?
Hmm.. I probably online shop way too much, does that count as a hobby? Lol. Or I’m probably sleeping, or at work, or studying. Fascinating, I know 😀

What is your current favourite TV show (or movie, if you don’t watch any shows)?
I loveeeeeee Bondi Rescue! Hahaha I’ve watched every episode since it started!

If your entire stash vanished, what are the 5 polishes that you would repurchase first?
Probably Essie ‘Lilacism’, China Glaze ‘Secret Peri-Wink-Le’, Sally Hansen ‘Pacific Blue’, a red polish and a plain white polish.

How long have you been into nails and how did you get into it?
I first got into nails when a cousin from overseas came to stay with my family for a bit about 8 years ago, and when she left, she forgot a couple of her nail polishes. My mum gave them to me and they were my first ever bottles of polish! But I wasn’t that into it until maybe 3 years later when a friend’s mum, who did nail art as a hobby, offered to do my nails for me. I was like “whoaaa that’s so cool!” and wanted to learn how to do it for myself. And here I am now!

What are your nail/blog pet peeves?
Well I really disapprove of blogs that hate on other people’s nails. So what if their cuticles are flooded or their nail beds aren’t as long etc etc. If they love polish, and wish to post it online, I don’t see why not. Love for nail polish shouldn’t be sectioned off for a select few!

Questions from Jasmine

Why did you start blogging?
Haha I think I answered this, but I was really into looking up nail swatches and reviews online and after loads of encouragement from my friends, I was like “why not. I can do it too!”

What was the first brand of polish that you remember purchasing yourself?
Oooh that’s a good question! I think it was a bottle of good old Ulta3 for $2!

If you could only have one or the other, what would you choose: mainstream or indie polish?
Gahh can’t I have both?? Lol. I’d probably have to go for mainstream. Most indies are gorgeous glitters and they’re just too hard to remove for the amount I change my nail polish 😛

Why do you paint your nails? (Is it fun, a hobby, therapeutic?)
Probably for all three of those reasons! Plus, it’s pwetty hehehe.

How many bottles of polish do you own?
Too many! Lol! I don’t even want to count how many because that’ll make me know I need to stop buying more, and I don’t want to stop haha.

Are you a glitterbomb lover?
Actually, I’m not! I love glitter but I’m not a huge fan of glitters that just lay like a thick layer over the nail. Which is why I do regret some of my indie polish choices…

What is your go to nail polish and nail design?
My go-to polish is always a pastel creme. Usually Essie ‘Lilacism’. And my go-to nail design is probably a dotticure!

Do you use a lightbox to take your nail photos or normal daylight?
For my blog photos, I use a shoddily-made lightbox that my friends and I constructed while consuming alcoholic beverages hahaha. I really envy other blogs that seem to have perfect lighting: TELL ME YOUR SECRETS PLZ! 😀

What do you take your nail photos on?
A pink Sony Cybershot DSC-TX7.

What is your holy grail cuticle remover and moisturiser?
I don’t use either, so I don’t have one! But I love Vaseline’s conditioning lotion as a hand moisturiser because it’s non-greasy.

Where do you go to find your nailspiration?
Other blogs! Instagram! Google! Random patterns anywhere I go!

Who I nominate
Tammy from Lacquer and Leather
Courtney from Tales from the Make Up Bag
Natalie from Walk In My Eyeshadow
Colleen from Luster Lacquer
Erin from Erinzi’s Nails
…. and that’s all I can think of at the moment!

My questions for you ladies:

  1. What part of the world do you live in?
  2. Tell a funny story that happened between you and nail polish.
  3. What colour polish do you own the most of?
  4. Do you think your stash has grown as a result of blogging?
  5. What’s your favourite thing about the nail community?
  6. What is your favourite food to eat?
  7. What would you do if a stranger told you they hated your nails? (hypothetically!)
  8. What is one nail art design you wish you could do but never get right?
  9. What is your favourite palette cleansing polish?
  10. What are some of your favourite mainstream and indie brands?
  11. What is your biggest pet peeve (about anything)?

Thank you again to Elissa and Jasmine for nominating me! I can’t wait to see how everyone else responds!

I’ll be back with a nail post soon! x


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