Rainbow water marble

Hi guys!

I’m back with my second water marble in 2 days! The rainbow design was a spur of the moment choice and it was pretty hard finding a bunch of polishes that worked well with each other and spread properly in the water. I originally planned on doing another flower design but thought I should try something random for a change and these were the result!


I used China Glaze ‘Sugar High’, ‘For Audrey’ and ‘Peachy Keen’ and BK Rose Essential ‘(63)’.

I was asked for some tips and tricks for water marbling so here are some I can think of right now:

  • Use filtered water instead of tap water. I always found that my tap water had these little bubbles in it that would rise to the surface and ruin the polish once it’s dropped in. This could leave bubbles in the design that don’t look too good.
  • Make sure the water is room temperature. You don’t want it too hot or too cold. Usually I would leave the cup of water sitting there overnight.
  • Test the polish before actually putting your finger in. This is crucial. Some polishes don’t work that well in the water and some dry faster than others. This could leave you with rings of polish that have already dried by the time you finish building the bullseye and stops you from drawing a design. So just take some time to try out how the polishes react in the water and with each other.
  • Work in a neutral environment. I know the fumes can sometimes get overwhelming and you want to just throw a window wide open, but if it’s a windy or humid day, this could cause the polish to dry faster in the water and stop you from drawing a good design.
  • Burst any bubbles in your design. This simply means use the point of your toothpick to just take out any globs or visible bubbles that might ruin the final look.
  • Pull your finger slowly out the water and make sure the surface is clear of excess polish. While my finger is still in the water, I like to check if there are any bubbles of polish on my finger (they usually form between my nail and the edge of my finger.. if that makes sense… lol). If there are, I use the point of the toothpick to burst the bubble while it’s still underwater.
  • Don’t top coat straight away. Or this might smudge the design. Give it time to dry πŸ™‚

I think I covered everything that I’m wary of while doing water marbles… If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment and I’ll try my best to answer! But I learnt everything there is to know about water marbling from Simple Little Pleasures on Youtube, so check her out!

Til next time! x


4 thoughts on “Rainbow water marble

  1. I really love it, I’m so going to try this. I started doing my own nail art and so many people have made comments on how good they look, so I’m so excited to try this and see what people think of it. thanks for sharing


    • I’m glad you like it; and nail art is fantastic in that way – it brings people together and is a great point of conversation and comments! I’d love to see how it goes for you if you post it on my facebook page or email me! x


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